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Legions of the wild beckon every wild life lover in this country. Wildlife in India is a fabulous treat for the eyes.

Since time immemorial this ancient land of the vedas, yoga and ayurveda has fascinated many a traveller from across the world. But what fired my imagination during the fortnight long stay in this enchanting land is the motley crew of wild life which I encountered in the dense forests.

Being a true child of nature, I had always nurtured a burning desire to visit India and experience the joy of getting familiar with the varied wildlife species here. So, at the very first opportunity I boarded a flight to India and landed up at New Delhi.

Earlier I had gone through a slew of websites offering first hand information on Indian wildlife. Therefore, I knew where I should go. There is no better place to see the Indian flora other than the National Parks and the Wildlife Sanctuaries. But it is a practical impossibility for any tourist to visit all the parks and sanctuaries and so I decided to be extremely selective. Jim Corbett, Gir, Ranthambore, Periyar and Kaziranga was all that I visited. And to my stupefaction I found much more than I had expected! In fact, Tom, who visited Rajasthan have given a beautiful narration of Ranthambore National Park in his travelog. Tom has also spoken about Sariska National Park and Bharatpur Bird Sanctury. Another travel writer Steven has jotted few words on Periyar National Park narrating his experience.

I also had close encounters with the Indian Tiger, the Great Indian One-Horned Rhino, the Asiatic Lion and the Indian Elephant. These exquisite creations of natue left me spellbound at the very first glimpse. It is a sad fact, though, that some of these are facing the danger of extinction from the face of mother earth. However, it is heartening to know that the Indian Government has taken extensive measures for their protection and regeneration. Apart from these majestic mammals, I came across an innumerable number of other species and now I find it hard to recollect all of their names. Some of them were felines like the leopard cat and the fishing cat, the Himalayan black bear, wild boars, various species of deer, sambhars, chitals, foxes and vixens, crocodiles. The forests are also the abode of venomous serpents like the king cobra. Besides these I caught sight of numerous bird species including peacocks, falcons, hornbills, parrots and high flyers such as eagles and hawks.

During my stay I realized that the wild life is closely bonded with India’s social fabric. Some of them like the lion, tiger, peacock, monkeys and the elephant have found a place of prominence in the Indian mythology. I was amazed to discover that the venomous King Cobra is so closely associated with Lord Siva and has received so much veneration down the ages. Truely, it has been a tour full of excitement and moments of ecstacy, a fond memory that will be preserved for posterity.


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