Pilgrimage Circuit - Enlight your soul and mind while on the tour of pilgrimage circuit in Uttaranchal.

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Pilgrimage Circuit
A land of intense spirituality and religious faith reflected in the profusion of temples in the region.

"Help us to be the always hopeful gardeners of the spirit who know that without darkness nothing comes to birth as without light nothing flowers."

--------May Sarton, Journal of a Solitude.

After covering the two sacred site in the region, my guide forced me to cover the 'Char Dhams' as the sacred Yatra or pilgrimage is considered auspicious. Although I am an aethist, but out of curiosity I felt like listening to him. You won't believe he was the second person whom I listened to after my boss!!!!!

But before actually venturing out for the place, I asked Pinku, my guide, about the Char Dhams. He told me that Char Dhams are of great religious significance in Indian pretext and the word is coined for the four most sacred place-Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamnotri.

So the first place out of the four dhams I ventured to was Badrinath. Pinku told me that this sacred place is an abode to the Hindu god -Vishnu. Being situated at an 3130 altitude, it was quiet cold and felt like wearing a sweater. Facing the temple, was a hot water spring Tapt Kund and a dip in that kund refreshed my inner soul. Incidently, I visited the place in September, when the temple doors were open for the tourist. Pinku told me that the temple doors are open in the month May and closes in November.

After this site, we, my guide and I, delve into Kedarnath. By going through the brochures, I came to know that the temple of Kedarnath is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This place is situated at an altitude of 3580 meters. The main attraction of the region is the Kedarnath temple built in 8th century by Adi Shankracharya. Close to the temples lies the Shankracharya samadhi, or the resting place of Adi Shankracharya. “ Sir, it is said that after creating the four dhams, Shankracharya opted to rest in the samadhi” informed my guide.

We traveled to Gangotri, a spiritual source of Hinduism, situated at an altitude of 3200 mts. My guide also showed me that the ' Bhagirath Shila', that is believed Raja Bhagirath, an Indian king used to sit on it and pray for Lord Shiva.”

After exploring the three major sites of the Char Dham, we excavated Yamnotri, situated at 6315 mts above the sea level. Here the river Yamuna is worshiped and a special Yamnotri temple is constructed.

Another important pilgrim centre that I visited was Hemkund, a set of famous beauty spots of thr central Himalayas. My guide told me that10th guru of the sikh, Guru Govind Singh meditated on the banks of this lake.

After completing my Char Dham yatra, I was a changed person. I felt as if I met the soul walking upon my path to the four sacred places in Northern India.

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