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History of Taj Mahal
With an intention to know more about this glorious human achievement , I started getting friendly with an elderly person who had a standard-issue moustache and a snow white beard .

Years in making - In conversation ,I came to know that Taj Mahal was built by the fifth Mughal Emperor,Shah Jahan in 1631in memory of his second wife Mumtaz Mahal. Construction of this architectural wonder, which began in 1631 took over 20 years to complete. It took the labor and sweat of twenty thousand hands to turn the ambitious project of a crazy lover on the theme of love into a reality. The raw material was brought from all parts of India on the back of 1000 elephants.

Selection of Site
Site selected for the tomb was a garden by the Yamuna river, unshadowed by any other structure. The garden had been laid by Raja Man Singh of Amber and now belonged to his grandson Raja Jai Singh. By royal decree Shah Jahan gave Jai Singh four Havelis in exchange for the garden. The site was also chosen because it was located on a bend in the river, and so could be seen from Shahjahan's personal palace in Agra Fort., further upstream.

Hands that made
Recollecting and repeating the story after along pause the old man said, "The most skilled architects, inlay craftsmen, calligraphers, stone-carvers and masons were hired from all parts of India and lands far distant as Persia and Turkey. The master mason was from Baghdad, an expert in building the double dome from Persia, and an inlay specialist came from Delhi. Yemen sent agates, the corals came from Arabia, the garnets from Bundelkhand, onyx and amethyst from Persia .The old man added in a moaning tone " Shah Jahan got the hands of all those involved in the construction chopped off so that no one else can create the same type of architecture." How mean I yelled. The old man stopped leaving me thinking about something which I felt was missing in the story.

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