Ajmer Sharif - It is the splendid tomb of the Sufi saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti, one of the most important pilgrimage destination of India.

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Ajmer Sharif
Ajmer is the destination of religious confluence enchants divinity and purity. Benedictions of the adoration showers the almighty as devotees like us progress towards this spiritual pilgrimage.

After the disastrous 9/11, communalism spread like a wild fire. The effect was that Muslims in our country were not respected as much as they were. To be honest, my own way of looking at Muslims changed.

The Sufi Saint!
Initially I was quite hesitant to visit Ajmer Sharief , the shrine of late Khwaja Muin-ud- din Chisti, located in Ajmer. But since it was so popular, I decided to explore it. As it is 135 km from Jaipur, it took me approximately 3 hrs to reach the place from Jaipur.

And here I was standing at Dargah Bazaar, the place from where I entered the courtyard of the Dargah. I was so mesmerized by the exquisitely carved silver doors that I forgot to pay the hire amount to auto-rickshaw driver. “Arreee my money!!” yelled the driver. After giving his due amount, I entered the holy Dargah.

“Where are you from?” I asked an Indian tourist. “ Meerut, U.P” he replied. “ Muslim” I inquired. “No... No.... Hindu”. A hindu in a shrine.!!!! This was something that I never expected. But to my amusement he was not the only hindu man. Half of the shrine was crowded with Hindus rather than Muslims.

Tranquil ambience!!
The nature of the place was quite different from what I thought of. As I belonged to a foreign country.....white color. I was expecting a harsh behavior from the people.... but no I was wrong. Today I can say that Ajmer Sharief is a sacred realm where all seek to approach saint regardless of caste, class, creed or national origin.

There were many foreign tourists and some of them were visiting the Dargah for the second time. One such person was Alex from Sydney. He told me that this shrine is a place of wish fulfillment and those who pray with pure heart, there wish do come true.

“ Even my wish was granted by the god, and that is why I am here to pay homage” said Alex.

The Prayer !!!
Alex also told me that in Sufi setting prayer is held in a different way. It involves the act of singing 'Qawwali' dedicated to one or more saint. Well as a form of prayer, I was asked to perform 'muraqquaba' or meditation on the saint as a spiritual discipline. Then I offered a 'Chadar', a cloth covering, to the saint shrine. Thanks to Alex, he was a great help to me in performing the spiritual art, that I used to avoid earlier.

Well as a matter of fact, today I want to say that religion and communalism are two different things and we should not mix them. There are few people in a religion who are bad... but not all and due to them the innocent should not suffer. The true purpose of a religion is what human being should follow a right path according to divine thoughts.

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