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I was astonished by the splendor of Rajasthan- an abode that offers golden sand, culture and tradition as heritage.
The majestic Rajasthan was explored by Tom Jeff, US, who visited the exotic abode in November 2003.

Be Royal !
Embellished by the magnificent Aravali mountain ranges, this is the land of legendary Rajput rulers, whose tales of gallantry, loyalty and love have been woven into ballads and folklore. In fact I can say that Rajasthan is a magical sojourn throbbing with age old culture and tradition.

My memories in Rajasthan are truly cherishable, as today when I sit back and remember Rajasthan, I am not able to comprehend it in few words.

Inherited Heritage!!
In fact, I was astonished by the royalty of the state, the lavish palaces and their architectural heritage. Somehow even I managed to experience the same lifestyle of the Maharajah's by staying in the Heritage hotels, that at sometime were royal residences. What enthralled me the most was the traditional ambience that pervaded in the hotel as well outside..

What I noticed during my trip was that people in Rajasthan rejoice every moment they live. And that is reflected through their bright colorful costumes, copious jewelery and their beaming smile.

The spirit of romance, valor and faith is synonym to Rajasthan that is inseparably blended with it's art and culture. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Rajasthan tradition by attending their fairs and festivals that were pleasingly theatrical and lively.

Rajasthan Unvieled

Rajasthan, a land of beautiful palaces, princes and preening peacocks. The name itself echoes the persisting melodies of desert. It' s an abode that boost its tradition and cultural heritage to maximum.

Although I was living in a foreign country, yet I had some idea about India particularly Rajasthan. And all the credit goes to my dad, who is an NRI, born in Rajasthan. My mom is English and we have been settled in New Jersey for last 30 years. As a matter of fact, my dad used to tell me stories about the majestic Rajasthan.

Well! When I decided to visit Rajasthan, my mom was little hesitant as she thought I am too naive to face the world. But I proved her wrong by successfully completing my trip to the exotic place.

It took me around 3 days to land on Delhi airport and from there I hired a cab to Rajasthan. Although Rajasthan is a well connected city through rail and road but it does not endorse an international airport. The nearest domestic airport is at Daibok in Udaipur.

Sheer Magic!
Since childhood I have heard a lot about the enchanting palaces and forts. In order to experience the magic that they hold, I resorted to one of the Heritage hotel in Jaipur, Raj Vilas Palace.

Initially I thought that Rajasthan covered with desert but I was astonished to notice its varied topography including semi arid desert to lush water filled valleys.

Enchanting Wild!!
Not to forget its wildlife rich in tiger, leopard, deer. A kaleidoscopic spectacle of animals and birds in their natural habitat untamed wild, wild and free. I visited the three main wildlife sanctuaries- Bharatpur, Ranthambore, Sariska.

Since Rajasthan is a colorful region exhibiting the grandeur and royalty in every wall of life. The land is especially famous for its forts and I covered almost all the major forts.

Not to forget its exotic cities, that has something or other for everyone. Since I am fond of eating I relished myself with exotic dishes that were generally spicy.

Rajasthan, the land of culture
Rajasthan is a land of audacity and chivalry endowed with impassable forts, magnificent places of sand dunes and several lakes. In fact I was quite impressed by the colorful culture, costumes of people of Rajasthan. I would like to add that it is a fascinating land of desert whose ruggedness hides the touching tale of gallantry and sacrifice in rife with color and gaiety.

Dancing Music!
Since I visited the place in November, I was a part of a very famous Pushkar Fair. To me it seems that fair and festivals are part of their everyday life. They are the spectacle of traditional songs and folk dances, colorful processions. The stillness of the desert evening and the upsurge of life in the short lived rainy season are filled with soulful music and rhythmic dance.

Colorful Bazaars!!
During my desert safari, I happened to visit the rural bazaars. The bazaar somehow managed to maintained charm through the medieval time. From there I bought trinket, beads, bangles. The bazaar had comprehensive range of handcrafted item.

And off course how can I forget my visit to the some of the spectacular monuments of Rajasthan endorses. Somehow, I had a complete holiday feeling when I finished my entire trip. It included adventure, romance, spiritualism.....What not!


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