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India is a religious land and therefore boost exotic number of pilgrimage destinations.

India is land of diverse culture with people of different creed, colour and castes. Being a secular state, India is occupied by people of different religion such as Hindu, Sikh, Muslims and Christians. Interestingly, all the religion holds a significant place in the Indian houshold. Moreover, they have their own views, thoughts, beliefs, faiths and pilgrimage destination. For example, Hindu love visiting Viashno Devi, holiest place for hindu's , Muslims seeks to Ajmer Sharief, and Sikhs to Golden temple in Amritsar. It was a pleasure for me to explore some of the spiritulistic spots that beholds the faith of thousands of Indian people. But an important fact, that I noticed was that India is majorly a hindu state but this doesn't bound any religion not to express their views. One of my friend, Tom, have described his experience in Ajmer Sharief of Rajasthan .Ajmer Shrief is the biggest muslim pilgrimage centre in India.

The Hindu temples are amongst the finest in India that are spread almost in every sector of the enchanting abode. Some of the famous Hindu temples are located in North and South India. I visited the famous Birla temple, the Bahai temple in North and Meenakshi temple and Balaji temple in South India. One of my friend Wilson Dorce, have expresssed his views on the holy places of Delhi.

The country have some phenomenal Buddhist temples, Jain temples and many other pieces of marvel. Oh! yes the famous golden temple of India is a retreat to mind and eyes. Significantly, it is the most famous temple of Sikhs located in Amritsar. The abode is not only rich in exotic monumental figures but also endorse many fairs and festivals that depicts the belief of Indian people. One of my friend who explored Mumbai had given his narration on Ganesh Chathurthi. I especially liked the write up as it is beautifuuly written expressing the belief and faith connected with the fest.

The Khajuraho temples is a must see for all those who visit India. And wisely, I didn't missed the opportunity to explore the temples that boosted intricate stone idols.


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