Palace On Wheels - Experience the royal legacy of the Indian splendor through a journey on Palace on Wheels


Palace On Wheels
Exclusive and memorable ! I am absolutely in love with India after experiencing the charming beauty of Palace On Wheels, that delivers not just what it promises, but lots more.

Heading towards India
I thought of extending my official trip, as the motive was not just to attend the meetings and earn money, but also to inherit a thorough understanding of the history and culture of India. I had already heard a lot about Palace On Wheels as one of the world's most amazing luxury trains, providing splendid and enchanting royal journey through the bygone era of the erstwhile Maharajas of Rajasthan. Thus, I decided to spend the rest of our sojourn in India, exploring the royal kingdoms and witnessing the history of India.

First Acquaintance
I flew to Delhi, the capital of India, with lots of excitement and zeal in my mind. Everything was perfect during my two-day stay in Delhi. I had a fabulous time, as the weather was very cooperative and I was assured that the rest of my journey will prove to be exceptional and one-of-its-kind. Finishing all business-related work by Wednesday evening, I arrived at Delhi Cantonment Railway Station, checked in and boarded the royal Palace On Wheels

My Instant Reaction
On boarding the train, I experienced a unique feeling. Life for me was just restricted to a mundane routine, and here I was surrounded by royal style & grandiosity. The excellent interiors and warm hospitality made me feel like a king, inciting a sense of exuberance and luxury. There was no doubt left in my mind that these eight days' and seven nights' of journey will prove to be a royal splendor.

This trip was just far beyond what I ever expected and I can't thank enough to the authorities of India, for all the hard work they put into planning this superb trip. I appreciate their patience for enduring all the inquisitive questions from my side. I was specifically curious to know the history of Palace On Wheels, how it was formed, when was it started etc.

I came to know that it was in the eighties when Indian Railway and Rajasthan Tourism decided to work together on a project to resurrect this train, originally meant to be the personal railway coaches of the erstwhile rulers of the princely states. Thirteen carriages from different princely states were brought together and refurbished, and the Palace on Wheels was launched. When I heard that the Palace-On-Wheels is rated as one of the ten best luxurious rail journeys in the world, there was no doubt in my mind, as I was myself more than impressed with its facilities.


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