Khajuraho Sculptures - Surely Khajuraho Temples will take you to another era of art, culture and traditions.

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Khajuraho Sculptures
The boundless expression of romance in creativity through hands, the sculptures enchant the living past!! A voyage hundreds of years back, sweep the shores of imagination.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the old, rich and splendid culture of India. It was hard for me to imagine the level of creativity & commitment the artists must have put in to construct such intricately carved sculptures. I wonder if one could replicate these extraordinary architectural masterpieces, in today's modern world!

Khajuraho temples had a distinctive style of architecture resembling a standing mountain with decorated sculptures and intricate carvings. Raju informed me that originally there were 85 temples, the number of which is now reduced to 22.

I was particularly impressed with the western group of temples. It possessed the largest of the Khajuraho temples, Kandariya Mahadev, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Located close to it is the Matangeshwara Temple, the only one in the entire complex where the deity (Shiva) is still worshipped everyday with prayers and rituals. The architecture of Lakshman temple, one of the finest of the western group of temples is simply breathtaking.

There are three major groups of temples at Khajuraho: the southeastern group of Jain temples, the western group of Brahmanical temples dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu, and the northern group of Vaishnava temples.

Khajuraho Sculptures
Setting my foot in the vicinity of temples that have survived for years allowed me to be part of the experience, that is Khajuraho. I still vividly remember the eclectic mix of sculptures, capturing the various moods and forms of human nature.

I was amazed at the various sculptures, which brought about a perfect balance between the architecture and needs of the body and mind. I pulled out my binoculars but was disappointed as it did not helped much in improving the visual quality of the sculptures. So, I along with my wife, decided to go near the sculptures and view them properly. We tried to analyze each sculpture and ended up arguing, as we thought in two different ways.

Ultimately, it was Raju who helped us out with the real meaning behind each sculpture. These sculptures, which either represented the Hindu deities or cult images of celestial nymphs and animals had specific illustrations.

The finest and most common sculptures at Khajuraho were those of youthful celestial dancers, engraved with beautiful gems and garments. Some of the finest sculptures possessed specific themes such as domestic scenes, teacher and disciples, dancers and musicians and couples or groups. It was only through these sculptures that I came to know that Indians worship all forms of nature, be it sun, moon, wind or rain.

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