Onam - Celebrate Onam - a fiesta rich in colours, gaiety, fun and frolic.

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Leaving the place after celebration of Onam were over, I could not rekindle the dream memories of the rich harvest of my tours rather I had treasured a spectacular dream of this never ending festive quest to prosper.

The Festival of Prosperity - Onam
I promised my NRI friend, Mathew, that I would visit his house in Kerala and so I did. Well! I was overwhelmed by the warm hospitality with which Mathew's parent welcomed me to their house. Mathew's father, Mr Narayanan, told me that they are preparing for Onam festival and requested me to be the part of the celebration. And I couldn't decline their modest request.

Today when I sit back and commemorates the events, I find myself lucky that I was a part of the very special occasion, when every body in Kerala blasts with fun and frolic.

Mr Narayanan told me that Onam is a harvest festival held on Shravan day in the month of August and September. He also told me that the festival is celebrated for a period of 10-15 days.

Flow in the Festive zeal.!!
As the festival started the I was able to see the gaiety and excitement that pervaded the masses in Kerala.

Mathew mother was more excited and made many sweets and good dishes for the occasion. She also bought new clothes for her daughter, Hema and for herself. This was the first time ever in my life when I dined sitting on Patna (Short leg stool) and my food was served on banana leaves.

“How exciting! Even I would love to make these” I exclaimed in excitement. As Mathew's mother granted me the permission, I helped Hema, in making colorful Rangolis, and pookklam, on the major door ways.

What impressed me was pure lack of western culture that made me think in what kind of culture WE live in today.

As the fest progresses, the excitement level within the Mathew's house increased. In the evening we went to River pampa that was highly decorated with lights and flowers. Mathew's father told me that river was prepared to different water sports that had to happened in the subsequent days

Race on Water!!!
He told me about a particular boat race-Vallamkali that is an exclusive part of an Onam festival. In this particular boat race, hundred of men row the boats to beat drums and cymbals. As the race was about to happen next day, I requested Mr Narayanan to conceal the information about the races.

On the day of competition, there were number of boats varied in size but one thing in common they all had scarlet silk umberalla with gold coins hung on its archs. I was able to feel the energy level that surrounded the people who were participating as well as those who were mere spectators.

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