Kerala Temples - Explore the unique architecture of Kerala temple architecture in harmony with the natural resources of the region.

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Kerala Temples
The spectacular architecture of Kerala temples speaks for itself the saga of divine grace.

The Eternity!

“You have somebody waiting” informed the lady at the reception of my resort.
“Who is it ?”, I asked eagerly. She told me its Mr Narayanan, Mathew's father, my NRI Friend.
To my astonishment, he remembered his promise to take me to all the ancient temples in Kerala. Since I believe in God and its entity, I was quite keen to know about the splendorous Kerala temples. Being a Christian, I merely had a chance to visit any Hindu/Indian temple and somehow, due to this I was very excited.

Exact at 10 am, we were standing at the main entrance of our resort and from there we hired a cab that took us to all the near by temples. But we really had to struggle with the taxi driver to decide upon the fare, since he was asking for much more than what the actual fare is. Thanks to Mr Narayanan, otherwise I would have given half of my money to that smart taxi driver.

Since Mr Narayanan was able to sense my mood, he broke the ice by speaking about the temples. He told me that Kerala is rich in mythological heritage and has inherited many temples devoted to several gods and goddess. In conversation, I came to know that most of the important temples lies in the southern state of Kerala

. The first temple we visited was the Chottanikara Temple, located near Ernakulam, devoted to Bhagwati, the mother goddess. The peculiar thing was that the presiding deity is worshiped in three different form as Saraswati, in morning draped in white, Bhadrakali at noon, draped in Crimson and Durga draped in blue.

The next temple we visited was famous Guruvayoor Temple, one of the most popular pilgrimage destination in South India. The Pundit or the Saint told us that the temple enshrines the youthful form of Krishna. He also told this temple hosts the maximum number of marriages and rice feeding ceremonies.

“Even we are planning to host Hema marriage here” said Mr Narayanan. Hema is his only daughter.

A Marvel!!
We also explored Sabrimala temple and Vadakkumanathan temple. During the visit to these temples, Mr Narayanan detailed me the distinctive style of architecture that these temples followed. He told me that the structure of these temples are in harmony with the natural resources, especially keeping in mind the climatic condition.

To all the temples I visited, I found that these temples extensively used stonework, wood work, stucco work and painting that were harmoniously blended into a structure vibrant with traditions of the region.

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