Hyderabad - The Hyderabad is a cosmopolitan city richly endowed with a variety of cultures.

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Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, known for its rich history and culture with monuments, mosques, temples.
The travelog is written by Mr Rhodes, Georgia on his visit to Andhra Pradesh in September 2005 .

This was the first city that I landed in. Not because I wished to, but there was no other way; it is the only city which has an international airport. Being the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, I knew Hyderabad will have number of hotels. As it is I didn't had to worry about hotels booking and travelling. I hired a travel agent much before landing the city and that also through net. He told me everything about the state and my schedule beforehand, so you can say I was quiet planned and had a systematic journey.

My room was booked in a famous hotel and my days were quiet routined. According to plans, I had to spend two days in Hyderabad. And I did spend them quiet judiciously.

If travel agent did there work, I did mine. I did all my research work before making my trip to Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad was not only the 5th largest metropolis of India but also is the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is known to have other name - Bhagyanagar and is quite rich in history and culture with monuments, mosques, temples, a rich and varied heritage in arts, crafts and dance. Significantly, Hyderabad and Secunderabad are twin cities, separated by Hussain Sagar, an artificial lake constructed during the time of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah Wali in 1562. I explored both of them.

As a matter of fact, Hyderabad is a centre for handicrafts unique to the city and from around the state. Markets like Charkaman, Mitti-ka-Sher and Laad Bazaar offer fabolous bargains. They include: bidriware, hookahs, boxes, jewellery made of black gun-metal inlaid with fine silver wire in exquisite floral and geometric patterns; appliqued patchwork skirts, bags and belts with mirrors and beads, embroidered by the Banjara and Lambadi gypsy tribes; Nirmal lacquer ware, brass from Pembarthi, Kondapalli carved toys, leather toys and Warangal carpets.

The city has some exotic monuments to look around. I visited the most famous Charminar, the edifice of four minarets, the legendary masterpiece of the Qutub Shahis. The first edifice that I explored was Char Minar and I was quite enticed! .

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