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From the very first day, I knew that India is one nation that is rich in its culture and monuments.

Much is said and known about Indian heritage, but one can only understand the magnificence of the heritage by visiting the exotic abode. In fact, after my visit to India, I had a clear picture of how important it's heritage is to the land and to its people. The exotic monuments, music, dance forms, paintings, cuisines all add up to its heritage.

Few words!
It is difficult for me to express the heritage of India in few words. The opulent heritage of India unveils the magic of the past that tends to meet the present. Being a explorer by nature, I traveled across the nation to get glimpses of some beautiful monuments of India's endearing past. Frankly, I was bowled over by the enchanting beauty of the monuments.

The sites to explore!!
India is one exotic abode that have numerous World heritage sites. Apart from the world heritage sites, there are many enchanting monuments all over India, that needs to be mentioned like the endearing churches of Goa. In fact Steven, a travel writer have given an exhaustive essay on Churches of Goa that were built years ago.

The heritage of India open those unread pages of history that rekindle the Indian imagination that is presumed to be deadlocked with time.

Memories to Cherish!
But out of all, I was overwhelmed by the monumental heritage of the country. The state has number of monuments that are spread all over the country. Be it south or north, the land has some exotic edifices that adds glamor to the state.Today, when I commemorate my visit to India, I found that I spent some phenomenal time in the exotic abode. I have some beautiful memories to cherish. As a matter of fact Tom, a dear friend of mine, explored the majestic Rajasthan have narrated his views and memories about monumental heritage in monuments of Rajasthan. It was a pleasure for me to read his thoughts as they vividly described the majestic edifices.

I have also narrated the architecture of Indian monuments. It was a pleasure for me to observe the intricate style of architecture.


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