East India Golden Triangle - Experience the divinity and tranquility of East India Golden Triangle by exploring it.


East India Golden Triangle
The east is more appropriately called the abode of heavenly cascade of natural splendor and enchanting and picturesque views. My journey through this zone indeed stole the contours of Imagination.

Since I am religious by nature, I wanted to cover Orissa as it houses the three pilgrimage destination. For that I opted for East India Golden Triangle that is considered to be the most pious tourist circuit in India. The tour revealed the rich heritage of the Orissa and covered three major pilgrimage destination of India- Bhubneshwar, Puri and Konark. The State is adorned with many big and small temples.

First abode !
My first abode was Bhubneshwar. The city housed the famous Parashurameshwara Temple that depicted the Orissan Style of temple Architecture.

After that I explored the Lingraja Temple built in the 10th century. The guide, Laxman, told us that the height of this temple was 55 meters and is supposed to be the finest example of pure Hindu temple in India.

Since I visited India in the month of March, I was able to participate in the famous possession in Bhubneshwar when Lingaraja (Lord Shiva) and other deities are taken in a Chariot to the Rameshwaram temple. I was astonished by the number of devotees involved in pulling the Chariots.

Move On!!
Second Corner to East India Golden triangle is Konark. During my visit to Bhubneshwar, I had heard a lot about the Konark temple. The sun temple acquires the centre stage of Konark city and somehow is famous world over. It's been included in the World Heritage Site by the United Nation (UNESCO).

The temple !!!
"Wow! What a beauty" As I exclaimed after seeing the architecture of the sun temple. Laxman took us to the archaeological museum that showcased sculpture and carvings Since my visit was in the month of March, I was not able to enjoy the Konark Festival held in the month of December. The dance festival is a virtual feast to the lovers of classical art forms of the dance and music.

At last !!!!
The third and the last corner of the East India golden triangle was Puri. Well, this is one place I am not going to forget all my life. The chaotic city is adorned by serene emerald Sea water with silver sands that takes one to another high.

Puri is famous in India for its Jagannath Temple, the most sacred destination in India. It is one of the most pious city of India and I was able to feel the influence of religion in every small things.

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