Fort St. George - The St. George Forte built in 1653 by the British East India Company is important landmark in Chennai.

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Fort St. George
Situated on the Bay of Bengal, the name of the Fort St George Church evokes memories of a grand, but bygone era of British rule in India.

I visited the famous Fort St. George in Chennai that symbolizes the beginning of British rule in India. The guide told me that presently that place is used as the offices of the Tamil Nadu Secretariat and the Legislative Assembly. In fact. today it is the commercial center of Chennai where the streets are crowded by the buyers and sellers of different goods.

My escort, Santharam, was a literate post graduate in History, and there fore he provided me with information that was quite relevant. He told me that Fort St. George, a creation of the British in the year 1640 marks the beginning of developing Chennai as a futuristic city. It houses a place where Lord Clive - The establisher of British rule in India used to live.

As we, my guide and I, explored the edifice, I came to know that the Fort St. George houses the tallest towering flagstaff in India. My guide, Santharam told me that the building had been constructed in a typical English style of architecture of the 17th and 18th century and once it housed the British regiment mess and later the lighthouse.

I was quite impressed by the church complex as it housed the famous St. Mary's Church,the first English Church, built in 1678-80. Santharam acquainted me with the fact that it is the oldest surviving British church in India. It was the venue for the marriage of Lord Clive. The Church is known as the Westminster Abbey of the East.

I also visited the museum that exhibited the items of the British rule. These Relics of the British rule are reminders of the pain suffered by the Indians. On the first floor of the building lies the banquet hall,that holds the paintings of the Governor of the Fort and other high officials of the Regime.

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