Bangalore Palace - Bangalore Palace is one of the most fascinating tourist attraction of Bangalore.

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Bangalore Palace
The Bangalore Palace in the heart of the city is a unique edifice inspired by Windsor castle and built in the Tudor style in 1880.

Another tourist spot in Bangalore that I explored was the Bangalore Palace. Since, I was quite impressed by its architectural splendor, I thought of knowing its past. So, I took a guide who acquainted me with its history. Ashish, my guide, was well literate postgraduate, who took this profession for his extra income. He told me that the Bangalore Palace was built in the year 1887 by King Chamaraja Wodeyar. The King during a trip to England was inspired by Windsor Castle in London and wanted something on the similar lines to be built back home. The palace is built similar to medieval castles in Normandy and England. He also told me that the palace was earlier surrounded by beautiful gardens in the midst of a vast open area, that have reduced considerably today.

The architectural wonder
Set in the middle of the greenery of a sprawling garden, its structure has fortified towers and its interiors boast of elegant woodcarvings and Tudor-style architecture, complete with Gothic windows, battlements and turrets. This palace, is largely constructed of wood, and is famous for its carving and paintings. An exquisite door panel at the entrance leads to grand settings inside. I was quite surprised to know that the construction of this 45,000 sq ft palace costed over Rs 10 lakh. Reverend Garret originally owned the land, on which the palace rests today. Located between Jayamahal and Sadashivanagar areas, the palace ground has become a venue for various exhibitions, concerts and cultural programs. The palace is truly a case of an architectural splendor.

The fort
The Bangalore Fort was built by Kempe Gowda and expanded by Tippu Sultan. Within its walls is the well preserved 16th century Ganapathi Temple. Inspired by the Windsor castle, this palace was built complete with Gothic windows, the foiled windows, battlements and turrets resembling the Daria Daulat Palace in Srirangapatanam.

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