Bangalore - Bangalore is amongst the most visited tourist destinations in southern India.

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Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka is a city filled with serene gardens.
Mr. Lui Jack from Hong Kong have narrated his experience in these travelogs. He traveled to Bangalore in April 2004.

I have stored some good memories about Bangalore in my mind. I visited Bangalore to know more about its technological culture and soon I found that the city has so much to offer Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka ranks as one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. I especially admired its pleasant climate, friendly people, and its highly educated population that have made Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India. Intrestingly, Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister termed this as "India's city of the future".

Through net, I came to know that Bangalore, the technocrat city is located in the southern part of Karnataka, in South India. The city is located at high-altitude endorsing a pleasant climate. The climate here is quite unpredictable as you might have a clear sky in the morning and soon you are showered with rain.

My Bangalore Travel
Being a Software engineer, I had to visit different region rich in technology. Bangalore in India had obtain a reputation for itself in the world software market. In connection to my work, I had to land on this exotic place. " Mathew, you might have to live for one month over there" commanded my immediate boss. " No problem" I replied, " there so much for me to learn over there". Little I knew apart from its technological background, the city have a magnificent past that are depicted in its historical monuments.

As I searched the net, I came to know about its inception ( quite a technical word). According to a legend, King Veer Ballala, a ruler of the Hoysala dynasty, was separated from his retinue while hunting in the jungle. Tired and hungry, he stumbled upon a tiny shack. An old woman offered him the only food she had - a plate of 'benda kaalu' or boiled beans. The grateful king called the place 'benda kaalu ooru' or 'village of boiled beans'. This was later anglicized to 'Bangalore'.

Coming to Bangalore was not a problem, as it is connected to all the major metropolitan city- Delhi, Calcutta, Bombay and Madras. A few international flights come in directly form Singapore, Dubai, London, Oman, Hong Kong and Saudi.

Accommodation in Bangalore is not a problem at all. Since this place acquires an important niche on the world map, the city boost many five star, deluxe hotels. After getting settled in Le Meridian that is 20 minutes away from airport, I reported to the Manager of Hughes Software in Bangalore


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