Andhra Pradesh - Andhra Pradesh is amongst the most visited tourist destinations in southern India.


Andhra Pradesh
Wonderful! I had a great time and I wish that everybody can visit this place.
The travelog is written by Mr Rhodes, Georgia on his visit to Andhra Pradesh in September 2005

"Hello! Mr Rhodes, so you are back" exclaimed Miss Rena, my neighbor in Georgia. " I am seeing you after a month or so, how was your trip to India? She asked. " Very fine" I answered. " Which state you had been to" she further enquired. " Andhra Pradesh!" I replied.

Then we all sat down to have morning coffee together. It was approximately month, when we all sat to chat. Home is Home, I thought. Though it is true but that does not mean that I did not enjoyed in Andhra Pradesh. It was an awesome foray and I like every bit of it. Though I have never been an agile explorer but this travel experience was one of its kind. I did certain things that I probably did for the first time.

Though my melanin tissue darkened a bit, but then the fun I had was something for which I could have staked anything. As we all were chatting, about my experiences, I underwent a gamut of emotions and flashes of images from the past instantly emerged from my subconscious.

Also known as the " Food Bowl of South", Andhra Pradesh is the fifth largest state of South India. Spanning over an area of 275,068 sq. km, Andhra Pradesh is state rich in heritage and culture.

I was particularly impressed by the wildlife sanctuaries, especially Coringa wildlife sanctuary, Nagajuna Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary and many more. These green zones of Andhra Pradesh vividly beautifies the landscape and offers a serene view to the eyes of the travellers.

It was in September 2003, when I planned my trip to Andhra Pradesh. Why I made my tour to Andhra Pradesh? This is still a mystery for everyone. " You could have gone to Australia, Switzerland, or any other place; Why India?" this was a common question that I was asked after I came back from Andhra.

To be frank, some how even I don't know the answer and it is a mystery for me too. I suppose I saw a TV programme that kind of made up my mind to plan my tour to Andhra Pradesh. Though even I was skeptical as this was a risk - to move to a place which was completely new - culture and otherwise.

But I think it was a brave decision from my side and I don't regret it. I booked my tickets to Hyderabad International Airport and within four days I landed on the "Land of Nizam - Andhra Pradesh."

The state has number of hotels with varied category. One can avail - five star, four star as well a budget hotel in Andhra Pradesh. This was one thing I knew from the very beginning through the help of books and sites. I booked my room in one of the hotels with the help of a Website.

From the airport, I straight away moved to my hotel. My tour in Hyderabad was well planned and I took a sightseeing itinerary from a travel agent which enabled me to explore the many facets of the city.

As soon as I entered my room, I knew that I don't have to worry about anything as all my travel details were taken care by a reputed travel agent in Hyderabad. It was few hours of relaxation when I set out to explore the capital city of Andhra Pradesh.


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